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28 August 2011

A Woman Orgasm

A Woman Orgasm

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Kepuasan Seorang Wanita

Malay Women Dating Zone

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Various theories phrased to find than where a woman achieve satisfaction. If the men of satisfaction achieved results to the trunk stimulation (penis) and It was very real indeed,

So how well women?

Initial theory that is often expressed, bahawa orgasm a woman composed than 2 Courant. The satisfaction comes rather than the clitoris (the clitoris), the small satisfaction before reaching greater satisfaction, the intruding penis into the vagina.

Case is not favored by the crowded women who do not achieve satisfaction through intruding. Studies so changing this opinion. Kinsey study states there is only one kind of satisfaction that stems than spasms involve all of the clitoris and female body portion.

Clinical studies to prove this case and experts agree sexologist, orgasm is an orgasm. When a woman happy woman indeed achieve satisfaction. He began instead to simulate the clitoris, berpunca thereof and expressed with the follow-back muscle spasms in the vigina and the entire body.

Although only one study expressed satisfaction, but various women expressed satisfaction replied knowingly produced results to caress the clitoris and the surrounding region, even more powerful than the satisfaction of intruding into the trunk. Expressed satisfaction with the caress of this experience as a sensation of a high, sweet and pounding, when the satisfaction that comes in a blink of an explosion for instance.

Orgasm of a woman fondling her partner may be more intense due to the local and the simulations are guarded with great sensitivity. Masters and Jonson studies reported a stronger spasms and heart rate are higher during the women are satisfied without conceding.

Satisfaction while conceding rather uncommon for most women. This is due to stimulation of the clitoris is done, the way then. It also depends on the position of partner. Satisfaction when kemasukkan berkurangan kerana stimulation has been relying on other places, not to the clitoris.

So how do you move?

Make sure to kelentik touch is gentle. Wet faint before you touch your partner's clitoris.

Caress the clitoris and surrounding areas including the thighs and the thigh slit. Create a caress come and go between the clitoris, the surrounding and thighs.

If the vagina has issued the water, make sure it is used to moisten your partner's clitoris. With your soft and sensitive, pay attention to his will. Do berkasar, the clitoris is a sensitive portion.

While, women reach Climax, stop your movement but do not ever let go of faint or your tongue. Let so that you permitted. During orgasm, the clitoris becomes too sensitive and it is painful. You need to be patient 2 or 3 minutes away before the step beyond. Caress and kiss your woman.

Express your feelings at that time.

Remember, the more SHE SHE get the more give. :)

When together, Find a position that is taxable and abnormalities for your woman. Find the position of conceding that it may hit a lot of clit.

To be continued.

For Pratik, you yourself know how. With a softer and more sensitive and pay attention. The more SHE SHE get the more give.


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