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16 May 2012

Tongkat Ali ( Eurycoma Longifolia Jack )

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Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia Jack)
Many know the benefits tongkat ali. A herbaceous plant which is becoming more popular as an additive in a variety of beverage products in Malaysia and South East Asia.

Tongkat Ali is said to increase men alertness and stamina. It can contribute to a sense of overall health by helping the body increase testosterone production which is a key hormone for men. It also increases blood flow and metabolic rate.
Men will start to decline in testosterone levels from aged of 30 years and above. Many studies have shown taking Tongkat Ali at control prescribed rate and at regular intervals could increase testosterone levels in men. Testosterone is important for men. It is not just for the stamina and energy, which is important it determines male virility.
Taking Tongkat Ali has traditionally practiced by the Malays in Malaysia as a tonic or a traditional medicine for men's sexual ability. Modern science is now able to produce and isolate the Tongkat Ali benefits and results of the original, dark and safe.
Tongkat Ali products should be free from plant parts such as dust, wood chips or leaves either from roots or stems of Tongkat Ali. Tongkat Ali products should only tongkat ali extract from the root itself. It should also be produced from Tongkat Ali tree over the age of seven years and grown in the highlands.
Good product is the result of Tongkat Ali root extract that can be completely soluble in water. It should also be free from chemical substances do not need, which may be harmful to health. Chemicals that do not have this already occurs naturally in the tongkat ali tree itself. The production process of Tongkat Ali root extract should ensure that it has been issued before as tablets or mixed in drinks.
As any other herbal ingredients, taking Tongkat Ali will not start in a sense at the beginning of the intake. The effect will be increased gradually in a few days to reach the maximum rate.
Taking Tongkat Ali can be done in the morning and evening, and preferably with food. Due to the effect 'panas'nya then taking Tongkat Ali should be accompanied by drinking plenty of water.
It is proposed, Tongkat Ali is not taken consistently. There is a proposal to take for 5 days and then stop two days. There are also proposals to take over a month and then stopped a week. On consumer choice and it depends on the compatibility of the individual. Important period of rest. The reason is not known but the effects of Tongkat Ali is more sustainable when there is a period of rest on the body.

Tongkat Ali ( Eurycoma Longifolia Jack )

Ramai mengetahui khasiat tongkat ali. Satu tumbuhan herba yang kini semakin popular sebagai bahan tambahan dalam pelbagai produk minuman.

In malay can be read here

Rahsia Tongkat Ali

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