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29 January 2007



I just get this letter by Pos Laju from Durex. Thank you for sending the product and I test it myself.

Start Part of the letter.

This campaign is actually aimed at gathering genuine consumer insights from the users in the endeavor to better enhance sexual lifestyle while promoting the use of condoms during intercourse. As you would have already known, our philosophy has always been about advocating safe sex.

Our revolutionary new design comes in a functional new shape for a quicker fit and better feel during sex. Created with a bulbous end for additional comfort at the tip, wider opening to make application easier and a tapered shaft to facilitate unrolling. Durex EASY-ON will have you ready for action in a snap of your fingers. Believe us when we say that you’ll not be disappointed with the new EASY-ON condoms.

End Part of the letter.

Yes, the new condom is far better and suitable to Asian men.

This article is mostly from the product box. We added some more info or words. The company of the product, is not related in any way to us and not responsible to this article.


To joint this survey and get a free condom just fill in the form here

Make sure to give a correct information.

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