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17 November 2007



Last article, we discuss about having sex in the silver years. It is refreshing to see that there is no clear end to the the need for intimacy in later life and that men and women around the world remain sexually active into their 70`s.

Sex With Clothes On
Love is the prelude to sex. And sex is the expression of love and attraction both patrners have for each other. The woman needs feel sexy by her man through communication.

Men should take note that women connect by talking. The first let go of their emotions – good and bad – simply by talking. Take time to remain silent and listen to her. Refrain from giving the solutions or telling her where she has gone wrong. Love her despite of her strenghts, faulth and vulnerability.

However, for ladis, this does not mean a ticket to abuse your men. Constructive communication and sharing are keys to keeping the talk alive and interesting. No one likes negative talk and nagging; such talk does not change anyone.

Rather, talk about the fun of live over cup of coffee – hobbies, television programmes that you have just watched, friends you have met, or activities you have enjoyed in a social setting. Talking about the pain in life all the time is pain to your man`s ears.

Speak words of admiration and affirmation of his wisdom and talents. Appreciate his thoughtfulness in buying your favourite food and thank him for bringing the trash bag to the bin. He feels good when someone, especially you, strokes his ego as the man of your life.

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