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31 January 2008

Guide to Shaving Public Hair

Guide to Shaving Public Hair

Shaving has always been the most commonly used temporary hair removal methods. So this guide to shaving public hair is going to show you how to easily shave your hair while protecting your skin.

Because you don't know the correct way of shaving your hair, you can irritate your skin, get pimples, or even get ingrown hair which can be painful.

So it's important to discover the tips and techniques to help you enjoy your public hair shaving experience.

Here are some tips to shaving your public hair...

Tip #1: First Soak Your Public Area

Water makes your skin smoother and makes the shaving process easier.

Tips #2: Use Shaving Creams or Gels

If you try to use the razor by itself to remove your public hair, it will for sure irritate your skin. You may even end up cutting yourself.

So it is very important to use a good shaving cream to it makes the razor slide more easily.

Note: Do not use soap as it makes your skin dry and makes shaving harder.

Tips #3: Direction of Moving the Razor

The direction you hold the razor when you move it on your skin is also very important too.

Here is a secret insider tip:

If you have only a little thin hair in your public area, simply hold the razor and move it in the opposite direction that your hair has come out of the skin.

But if you have a lot of hair and they are think and dark, then you'll notice it hurts too much to move it the opposite direction. So simple when shaving, move the razor in the direction of the hair has grown.

This makes it much easier to remove your public hair by shaving.

You can also read this New guide on public hair shaving to find out more helpful tips and insider tricks to have a more easy and fun shaving experience!

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About the Author:

About the Author:

Michelle Jones is a hair and skin beauty expert and is offering tons of FREE Public Hair Removal Tips for women and men to help you discover the easiest methods of removing public hair.

Check out the latest public hair removal methods and ideas to save time and have an enjoyable hair removal experience!

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