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04 January 2008

Sex Talk

Love is many splendored thing. But one thing thats no so splendid is when your lovemaking begins to feel routine. Sure, you both feel comfortable and satisfied but a little spice couldnt hurt.

If You`re Too Busy For Romance

Create a relaxing post-work ritual. Pour a drink, light some candles, put on your favorite CD or take a bath together to wash away the day.

Help each other out. If you`re into it and your partner not give full massage. If you`re the one who`s not feeling groovy, do a little self pampering - take a bubble bath and slip a silk robe.

Clean your bedroom. You`re not gonna get in the mood in the middle of a mess. Tuck the TV away in a cabinet and change your sheets once a week.

If You`re Stuck In The Same Old Missionary Position

Take your partner to the library. Your partner may be hesitant at first but when he / she sees what kind of research you`re doing so your partnet will warm up to the idea. It will be fun and sexy.

Buy some new toy. The fact is traditional sex doesnt always offer the stimulation you need ti have orgasm. Add jelly penis ring or vibrator and you just might feel something more.

If You`re Lacking In The Foreplay Area

Talk about it. Admitting that you need some additional clitoral stimulation is not saying that he`s not good at what he does. Its just natural because most women need a little mor oomph to orgasm.

Give him a pat on the back. When he does something right, tell him so. If he cant tell you`re enjoying it,he`s going to feel good about himself.

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