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03 March 2008

Sex Beats Stress

Are you on stress?? Need to relax? Just have a sex. Its sound crazy but its works!

Thats the bottom-line advices from researcher from University Paisley in Scotland. A researcher found that men and women had sex up two weeks before a stressfull event were less anxious and had significantly lower blood pressure level during the ordeal than those who didn`t have intercourse.

The effect isn`t just a resulr of the sheer pleasure and tention release sexual activity provides - masturbation and even oral sex didn`t deliver quite the same level of stress relief.

The mechanism is complicated, but the researcher says that intercourse stimulates nerves deep within the pelvis that play a critical role in how the body regulates stress. mood and attention levels.

Whatever reason is, we`re happy for extra benifit!!

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