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30 May 2008

In this modern age there are so many distractions for you to get caught up in. Whether it's from your workplace, the TV or the doomsday headlines scattered across magazines and news papers, you cannot get a break. These relentless distractions find a way into your mind and make it nearly impossible for you to focus on what matters most.

It could be a gradual change or it can happen very quickly, but sure enough they are there and affecting your relationship and the intimacy you share with your partner. By working with these four easy steps you can reclaim your mind and enhance your love making experience.

Focus on the touch
Whether you are touching or being touched, focusing on the physical reciprocation between you and your partner will help cultivate a greater connection. First, focus on the feeling of your lover's skin. Lose yourself in it. Pay attention to nothing but the texture, the warmth, every detail that you can and let the sensations unravel like you would when you taste a fine wine. Allow the complexities to come forth and let nothing else enter into your conscious mind. Paying attention to nothing else but the sense of touch will keep you present and in the moment.

Focus on your Breath
The speed of your thoughts and how you think is tied to the way that you breathe. Slowing your breath down and focusing on it will help your mind become clearer. A clearer mind will ensure you are more able to enjoy the intimacy with your partner. Slow, deep breaths will help relax and refresh you; bringing much needed oxygen into your system and creating an opening sensation in your psyche. This will make you more receptive to your partner's caress. Also, try breathing together. By breathing together you will evoke a feeling of oneness and closeness.

Focus on Energy
When two people are intimate there is a lot more going on than just the physical act. By focusing on your energy while making love you will be more aware of how your energy and your partner's energy flows between the two of you. There is a give and take that occurs in a relationship and being aware of the energy exchange will ensure both of you are satisfied. Work on pulling in energy and moving it around while you are making love. You can breathe and pull energy into either the heart or the base chakra. Then pull the energy up and circulate it throughout your body, much the same way you would in a simple energy movement. Pass the energy back and forth between you and your partner. This will get you more in touch with the energetic aspect of lovemaking and help bring your intimacy to a whole new level.

Focus on Surrender
There are few things that can compare with the feeling of surrender; the act of letting go and trusting completely. When you bring surrender into your love making you are making the statement that you trust your partner completely and you are dropping everything and exposing all. Unfortunately, there are only a few that you will be comfortable enough to surrender with, but if you are able to find that one then be prepared for a level of intimacy that you have never experienced before. This is not about you giving up who you are or giving the power to your partner, but is about you opening up and showing them everything that you are. To help with the evocation of the feeling of surrender, imagine you are doing a trust fall into your partner's arms. If you don't know what a trust fall is, imagine you are on a ledge 4 to 5 ft off the ground and your heels are backed up to the edge. You lean back and let your self fall backwards having the complete trust and faith that your partner will catch you. Now take this feeling of trust and faith into the next time that you make love to one another.

Working on building and strengthening the connection you have with your partner will not only make your intimacy better, but you will find that this newfound connection will affect other areas of your life that aren't closely related to your relationship. You will find that your mood changes and the way you see and interact with the world is much more positive.

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