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19 June 2008

Is It Possible To Have Sex During Menstruation

This is a topic that society has made a taboo. It is forbidden in many cultures. Even without these societal norms in place, many people will simply be disgusted and loathed by the very idea of playing the game in her muddy field. They would rather wait until she is out of her periods in order to have sex. Many people nonetheless engage in sex during menstruation and confesses to having enjoyed it tremendously. Even professionals from the medical field say there are health benefits to be accrued from sex during menstruation. Many people are used to the beaten track, but sex during menstruation is still a virgin destination that is less explored. Why not take the expedition to these new lands? You might be lucky and hit gold or oil.

The mere thought of doing the extraordinary or the unthinkable is enough to get your adrenaline on the edge. There is nothing that is more exciting than trying something new, especially if that thing is strange and out of this world. It makes sex during menstruation so exciting and fun. Not that sex is different this time round but because of going against taboo. Breaking the tradition. It is like opening a new chapter in your sex life. It gives your sex life a boost of energy. Doing something that is forbidden is always sweet, fun and exciting. But in this case you do not have to keep looking over your shoulder though it can really get messy. All the same if she gives you the go ahead to drive on despite the red lights, do not hesitate though take care by driving safely. Put on a condom.

Most women actually a majority are sexually aroused during menstruation. And although the idea of having sex during these time might be unpalatable to them, they have a strong urge to have sex. It is at these period that they are more inclined to engage in sex. In a woman's sex life, it is around her menstrual period that she is most aroused. Doctors justify these condition to psychological as well as hormonal changes taking place during menstruation. This can be compared to a female animal when it is on heat or estrous. This leaves no doubt that sex during menstruation will give her the pleasure of a life time. This is the only opportune time and moment when you can hit the jackpot. Menses have already placed her in a state of sexual arousal. The urge is in her. Take the expedition with her and be assured that you will always be a repeat visitor for a long time to come.

An orgasm during menses relieves those excruciating stomach cramps plus other related menstrual pains. Those severe splitting headaches will become a thing of the past to her. An orgasm has the capacity to wrap up all those pains at a go. I would recommend any woman to use sex during menstruation as a therapy against this pain. There is also less risk of pregnancy during these time but the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV AIDS is very high. Practice safe sex.

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