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23 July 2008

The Beginners Guide to Great Sensual Massage Technique

There’s a lot more to giving a sensual massage than a hand job. For those of you just starting out, here are some basic tips and techniques:

  • Take the time to set up properly - Turn off the phone, dim the lights and create a warm, relaxing atmosphere. Find a table or bed on which your partner can lie comfortably and place a sheet over it. Provide pillows for under his or her head and knees. Set up all the equipment you will need (oils and lubricants, condoms or latex gloves, etc) on a small separate table within easy reach. Warm your hands and your oils with warm water before applying them to bare skin.
  • Maintain constant contact – If you need to remove a hand from your partner’s body at any time, replace it with the other hand. Maintaining constant contact keeps the mind and body stimulated.
  • Whatever you do to one side, do to the other – Try your best to maintain symmetry in the massage. Balance is a key factor in the building and manipulation of the energy you are trying to create.
  • Communicate – This is particularly important before embarking on the genital portion of the massage. Be sure that your partner is comfortable with each and every stage of the massage and encourage them to let you know if you are being too firm or too gentle.
  • Keep it light and fun – Remind your partner that you are in this for your enjoyment as well, take the time to let them know how you appreciate their body. Express joy at touching them. Talking dirty can also add another dimension to the experience.
Remember that although many folks enjoy ending a sensual massage with an orgasm, the massage is a process and not a product. Orgasms are always better when they build slowly and Erotic and Sensual Massage is an excellent way to prolong and enhance an orgasm.

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