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08 July 2008

Signs She Is Faking An Orgasm

Good sex is sex that satisfactorily caters for the sexual needs of both partners. It is important that both partners climax and bask in the laurels of an orgasm. It is good to avoid Feelings of being duped. However, various forms of studies reveal that more than half the women fake an orgasm during sex with a partner at one point or another. She knows she will not experience an orgasm every time she has sex. It might give you a bad feeling that despite your concerted efforts you couldn't bring her to an orgasm. But what are the signs she is faking an orgasm?

There are tell tale signs that you are being taken for a ride. If you pay close attention to them, catching her is simple. The clitoral head retracts just moments before she orgasm's. The disappearance of the clitoris gives you a broad hint. Keep the tempo and keep it up. You do not have to be down there to see it disappear and neither do you have to puts the lights on. It is something you can feel. Position yourself at an angle where it is possible to rub her clitoris while you are still pumping. Under the pretext of giving her an added pleasure, feel the situation with your hand to or establish whether she is almost or you are being duped. If she is acting like a person on the throes of passion and the clitoris is still there, it one of the signs she is faking an orgasm.

Always pay attention to her rhythm of breathing. There is nothing that gives a woman away during moments of pleasure than her breathing rate. Listen to it close to your ear. The moment it grows heavier gradually, then you are right on target. The change in rhythm comes swiftly when an orgasm is about to rock her. It comes in the company of other body movements and spasms, tension changes that are subconscious and do not forget that incoherent moan. Clutching and clinging at you, groaning and moaning is an act exercised by all women whether faking an orgasm or not. She can easily dupe you on that but you will catch her on her rhythm of breathing. She is in it for real if her heart is thumping away like an engine bracing for the final climb. If there is no excitement in her, her bodily behavior, breathing and heart rate will be more than ordinary. One of the sure signs she is faking an orgasm.

She is doing all manner of things to suggest she is climaxing. Kindly tell her to gaze into your eyes as she comes to an orgasm. It is such a romantic and novel idea that she will surely oblige to. Now, pay keen attention to her pupils. If they are dilated, know you are on the home stretch boy. It is the best indicator that all was not in vain. This is best done when the lights are on. As you romp away, take serious note of the exert nature of her pupils during her moment of pleasure. Compare this size differences at various stages and most importantly at the end of it. If the pupils are the same from he beginning till the end, there are signs she is faking an orgasm.

Author : Francis Githinji
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