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13 August 2008

Tips on How to Spice up Your Relationship in Bed

Partners need to be compatible in almost everything they do to make their relationship work. It is always a matter of giving and receiving – especially in bed. Married couples tend to lose the spice in their relationship after several years of being together. More so, their sexual relations are getting cold by the minute.

Revive the old fire that used to make your blood tingle down your spine. How long was the last time you really made love like a sixteen-year-old virgin? Wouldn't it be nice to experience the same ecstasy with the same person over and over again, even after decades of being together?

Here are good suggestions on how you can make your love bed sizzle like wild fire even in the winter nights:

1. Fantasize There's nothing wrong in playing make believe. Bring your fantasies into life with your partner. Go out of the routine and start making love to your partner like you never did before. Try making love in other places like the floor, the oak table, or at the pool. Do you have a role that you would like to play? Explore all the possibilities. Act as if you're somebody from some other time and place. Let your imagination be your guide.

2. Experiment How many sex toys have you tried? How many times did you share one with your partner? There's no harm in trying something new. Doing so would definitely bring excitement back into your sex life. Whenever you see new sex toys on sale at the online store, show it to your partner and see how he or she reacts. A hot reaction means it's a go.

3. Plan When you two have sex, do you plan it or does it just happen? Try to plan your next session in bed. Talk to your partner and suggest a sex date. Determine the time, date, and place you'll make love together. Further details about the date can be discussed accordingly. Or you can just skip all those fine points altogether to have room for spontaneity. Then surprise your partner with new moves and exciting positions.

4. Love Sex is an expression of love more than anything. Look at your partner in the same way you that looked at him ten or twenty years before. Remember all the things that made you love him in the first place. Let those be your inspiration each night you make passionate love. Only then would your relationship in bed be better, more fervent, and worth remembering for the rest of your life.

Author : Chris Varney
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