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09 April 2009

Great Sex Life For Seniors

A good sex life for adults over 60 depends largely on health conditions and lifestyle. Younger folks generally have a hard time believing that their aging parents (or even grandparents!) might still be sexually active; the truth is only 5% of those considered over-the-hill feel that sex is only for the young ones. Having a sexual relationship is important, even if the couple is over 60. Romance, intimacy and sex go hand-in-hand—most couples have sex at least once, even three times a week. However, various health issues which commonly plague this age group may contribute to the loss of sexual drive.

The baby boomers who survived the flower-power days started sexual freedom over 40 years ago. For a lot of seniors over 60, the sexual revolution is still alive and kickin’ although it is an undeniable fact that a lot is also experiencing problems in getting the va-va-vroom back in the boudoir. What are these common problems? Read on and learn how to keep your sexual torch burning. Sexual arousal does not ebb as the person grows older. Aging is a period in life that every person will eventually go through—it does not mean that a person suddenly becomes physically or sexually unappealing or become less interested in sex as part of the aging process.

But, as a person ages, sex can be more challenging. Problems that can interfere with a senior’s sex life include: erectile dysfunction, bladder problems and disability, as well as asthma and heart problems. Arthritis, obesity, smoking, alcohol and a sedentary lifestyle also contribute to the decrease in one’s sexual drive. These conditions are easily treated with proper medication if addressed early. A common drug used by seniors is Viagra, the wonder pill for erectile dysfunction and impotence. A couple must be aware of each other’s physical conditions and problems, no matter how embarrassing it is (such as creaking bones and leaking bladder).

After all, honesty is the best policy—and being honest with your partner is one way to avoid being embarrassed with whatever ailment you may have. Slowing of responses during aging is normal. Sexual arousal may be harder to achieve—this too, is not impossible to overcome. Be open to your partner about what turns you on and what’s difficult for you. This may also be the time for you to experiment new and different positions that best suit your needs and physical condition. Books dealing with sex in later life are easily found in bookstores; articles and tastefully written materials are readily found on the internet, with vast collections of ideas about helpful positions and sex toys that may help increase one’s desires.

Couples therapy, as well as a trip to a sex therapist is also helpful for couples dealing with physical changes that are brought about by aging. Aging does not end sex. It should be a wondrous experience for people of any age and should only stop when a person decides to do so. Age does not dictate what is right or wrong; instead, it provides more opportunities to explore different ways to have a more enjoyable sex life. Just as with the young folks, a satisfying sex life is achieved by being open to one another, taking the time to talk and consider the needs of one’s partner, and being bold enough to experiment and have fun.

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