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Making Money Online
Making Money Online
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06 August 2009

Affirmations For Better Sex - Fact Or Fiction?

In the land of love, most of us consider sex to something as a means to pleasure, a means to create a bond of love between two people, to fulfil a need and to maintain the emotions necessary to make a relationship fresh. In all biological sense of the word, sex is something that is functionary, which means that there is a purpose and there is a reason that the feelings are invoked within us. It is also something that is deeply rooted in our physiological and biological makeup.

This is because within us as well is a biological need to reproduce and maintain the numbers in the human race. Now, if the process of reproduction and creation of life is something that is not gratifying or even pleasurable, then the numbers would be really low, as women would then rethink the need to go through two phases of something unpleasant.

Men would also not pursue women as much, as the pleasure of sex is something that is not even a factor. But now in this day and age, sex is something that happens on a daily basis, and with the amount of contraception methods out there, the reason to give birth has been taken away and the reason to fulfil a pleasure or a need has taken centre stage. One of the things most people will be proud of their bedside manners, or how they can pleasure someone. Not all of us have the gift of making love or making someone scream in pleasure in bed, and some of us might actually not know exactly what to do in the first place.

The thing about this is that not all of us can perform and there are many reasons why this is true. This could be because we have a fear of sex, we do not have confidence, or there is a phobia in it. Or maybe we do not enjoy it as much, or do not have the mental capacity to actually enjoy the pleasures and sensations of sex. The good news is that we do not have to be plagued by this problem anymore as there is a solution out there. The solution is called subliminal messaging, and it can be attuned to implant any message and increase the power of the brain to give you the confidence in bed and overcome any fear you might have about sex.

The good news also is that you can get this technology on the web, with many of these mind experts giving out this technology online. The price of this technology has been packaged into CD' and made affordable to all. Now, you can improve the power of the mind and turn yourself into a sex god - with the power of subliminal messaging that allows you simply implant the messages that would give you the tools needed to make yourself a legend among men and women. Just log on and do the necessary search and research, and within weeks of your order, you will be the sex machine!

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