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17 December 2010

Thumbs Up For Sex Education

Thumbs up for sex education


KUALA LUMPUR: The Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (Ikim) is backing the Government’s proposal to introduce sex education as a subject in schools.

This is on condition that the contents give proper understanding to students.

Ikim director-general Datuk Nik Mustapha Nik Hassan said Ikim would leave it to the Education Ministry and relevant agencies to study the contents of the subject and the experts to determine at what age it should be taught.

“Ikim definitely agrees to the proposal.

“But, sex education has to be defined and its contents must be determined,” he told reporters on the sidelines of the first round of discussions on how to address adultery and baby dumping among students and youths by experts here yesterday.

He said sex education could be one way to educate students and curb adultery and baby-dumping but it should be taught effectively.

“It is better to educate rather than punish them after they’ve committed adultery and baby dumping.

“You have to educate them slowly.

“For instance, if you educate a Year Six students about family institution, they will understand and it could minimise negative elements that can lead to such sins,” he added.

Nik Mustapha said Ikim would gather feedback from experts on the causes of baby dumping and adultery among schoolchildren and youths.

He said Ikim would later submit recommendations to the Government on how to address the problem.

According to the National Registration Department, there were over 155,700 young Muslim mothers, including those who are still schooling, who gave birth to babies out of wedlock between 2000 and 2008.

Kuala Lumpur Hospital youth and children psychiatric specialist Dr Fauzi Ismail said sex education should be aimed at educating schoolchildren and youths to curb them from being involved in adultery rather than destroying their minds.

She also proposed that the sale of contraceptives, which were easily accessible, be monitored and religious scholars be more assertive in helping to address adultery and baby dumping.

National Population and Family Develop­ment Board human reproduction division (sexuality sub-unit) head Dr Hamizah Mohd Hassan said the Government should monitor abuse of pornographic materials, those published in the media, posted on the Internet and also at entertainment outlets.

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