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21 January 2008

Melayu Bogel

Welcome to monitoring page for Melayu bogel. This page is dedicated to internet visitor that search for melayu bogel, one of the popular keywords and search term in Malaysia and the Internet, search until now by Malaysian computer and Internet users. Information about melayu bogel will be compile here for historical reason. Why don't you try visiting Perempuan Melayu Info or used our forum Forum Wanita dan Perempuan. Find your date at Wanita Dating Zone.

Please be inform this page is build out of our interest to know many search that is made for this two words. Melayu bogel is still used and been search. For the non Malay speaking Internet users Melayu mean Malay in English. It's an large ethnic group to group more smaller ethnic group for example Jawa, orang asli, Banjar and others.

Bogel in English mean naked. You can look at Babyrina Page for the meaning of bogel why it is so much been search. It's such a taboo in Malay or Melayu comunity that to make a seach for Melayu Bogel need to be done in privacy matter.

List Of Monitoring page can be view here and here

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