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11 May 2008

Tips on How to Naturally Enlarge Your Breasts

Tips on How to Naturally Enlarge Your Breasts

Author: Toni T

If you are not the type to have breast implants or risky surgery, find out how you can enlarge your breasts naturally. There are many options available to you that are safe. You can have the full figure you've always wanted, without the dangerous side effects!

Some of the formulas that are widely used today to naturally enlarge breasts are herbal pills, creams containing hormones, and massage. Certain exercises can also help firm the muscles under your breasts, making them look much fuller.

Herbal breast pills contain ingredients that have been known to enlarge breasts for hundreds of years. Some of these natural herbs are soy, phytoestrogens, wild yam, and other herbs derived from plants. Some of these ingredients are also known to help improve some symptoms of menopause.

For many women, birth control pills or hormone therapy increases breast size. Though these hormones are not really natural, many women notice when taking these products for other reasons that their breasts enlarge somewhat. I wouldn't recommend taking them simply to enlarge your breasts, as they can be dangerous.

Hormone creams work wonderful for some women. Simply applying hormone creams and doing a daily breast massage can greatly improve the tone and size of the breasts. Some breast creams contain pueraria mirifica, sometimes known as white kwao krua. This is a plant-derived substance that is proven to naturally enlarge breasts .

Exercise is another method to help the appearance of your bustline. Though it won't actually increases your breasts, it will significantly build up the muscles around and beneath the breasts, giving them a much better appearance and firmness.

There are many methods you can use to enlarge your breasts naturally. Try one, or a combination of them all. You will see that you can have the figure you've always dreamed of without the dangerous risks!

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About the Author:
With all the methods available to enlarge breasts naturally, there is no reason to be flat-chested any longer! For tons of information on the subject, read more . . .

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