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07 June 2008

Finding, Locating and Stimulating The G Spot

Author: Holly Franklin

The g-spot is a bean shaped group of nerves tissues located halfway between the back of the pubic bone and the top of the cervix. The size and position of the g-spot differs from women to women, but it is usually about the size of a quarter, and lies 2-3 inches inside the vagina directly behind the pubic bone. Women sometimes cannot find their own g-spot. Here are some tips to help all women.

Technique for Finding the G-Spot

Right ladies make sure you are relaxed and comfortable and plenty of time set aside to give your time to explore and experiment.

  • Ladies lay down, knees bent and feet flat on the bed with a small pillow under your buttocks.
  • Then insert your lubricated fingers into your vagina towards your navel about 2 inches inside your vagina.
  • Press with either one or two fingers against the front wall of your vagina applying a little more pressure than usual, as the g-spot is surrounded with tissue and is deep in the vaginal wall.
  • Move your fingers from side to side until you start to feel when that you are hitting the right spot. It should feel ridged unlike the rest of the vagina that is smooth. It will then as a result through stimulation swell and firm like the erectile tissue in a penis.

How to Self-Pleasure Yourself to a G-Spot Orgasm

First of all please empty your bladder before self-love as women do get a feeling to urinate when the g-spot is first stimulated as we recorded earlier.

Girls to directly stimulate the g-spot lay on your back with your feet flat on the floor with your legs apart. Using the thumb of one hand start stimulating the clitoris, then girls slowly insert two finger as far as possible into the vagina and rub against the bottom of the vaginal opening until, pressuring upward with the tips of your fingers from side to side exerting pressure upwards. If the fingers are more sharply upwards your can rock forwards and back in a circular motion with consistent, firm pressure along the entire length of the vagina walls.

To increase the pleasure thrust your hand in and out simulating penis intercourse then exert pressure upwards when withdrawing so that the g-spot is involved. If you want to really get yourself all hot a bothered remember to stimulate the clitoris as well or use the other hand to touch other erotic zones such as the nipples.

What to Remember When Stimulating the G-Spot

  1. Women need firm pressure to the front of the vagina, quick rhythm and friction to have g-spot orgasms.
  2. Women may ejaculate a small amount of a white clear fluid when she has a g-spot orgasm.
  3. Please be careful girls and short nail are recommended.
  4. It may help to use a water based lubricant and wash you hands thoroughly with hot soapy water afterwards.

G-Spot Tips

Variety is the spice of life so experiment with using smooth, round beads placed in the fingertips of some latex gloves (use a water based lubricant because oil based lubes break down latex gloves) to provide more intense sensations when the hand is inserted into the vagina.

Another extra tip that isn't do to with self-pleasure but I though I would like to add is to say rear-entry/doggy position is the best during intercourse to stimulate the g-spot as the penis presses against the front wall of the vagina, particularly with the man on the top and a pillow beneath the hips.

The G-Spot Conclusion

The g-spot really does exist and with only a little patience and experimentation any girl can soon understand the power and excitement that g-spot stimulation can accomplish. There are techniques that involve using a dildo to simulate the penis in vaginal intercourse that really can be fun when self-pleasuring concentrating on the g-spot. Using the dildo instead of your fingers as in the methods explained above.

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