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09 June 2008

The Seven Basic Kama Sutra Positions

The Kama Sutra is ancient text that revolves around human sexual behavior. It is believed to be written by Vatsyayana around 4 AD. The Kama Sutra is an integral part of Tantric Sex. Its basic seven positions can be used greatly to your and your partner 's advantage during Tantric lovemaking.

The Kama Sutra has seven basic positions. Which One is BEST for You?
  1. Shakti Position (woman on top);
  2. Shiva Position (man on top);
  3. Kneeling Position (sort of like the missionary position but her legs are bent; her feet resting flatly on his chest);
  4. Transverse Position (side-to-side or popularly known as the 's cissors' position);
  5. Cow Position (rear entry or more popularly known as doggy-style);
  6. Yab-Yum Position (sitting and facing each other; legs entwining or embracing the other 's body)
  7. Dancing Position (man is standing; she has her arms wrapped around his neck and her legs wrapped around his waist).
Again, let me remind you that Tantric sex is all about making love and deriving the most sexual pleasure from your body for the longest time. This is not about reaching an orgasm. As such, you should actually NOT go for the position that heightens your sexual tension most at the start.

For example, for most women the Shakti position (woman on top) is the one that usually brings them to reach a climax. So why start with this? Do you want her to come now and end the lovemaking? Why not make love for hours instead of just minutes? Are you beginning to understand the principles of Tantric sex now?

Now for men, it is said that the most sexual tension comes using the Kneeling Position (missionary-type) and the Cow Position (rear entry). So again, why go directly for these positions and end sexual pleasure immediately?

You may be thinking that Tantric sex is bordering on sadism. Not at all. Just because you're depriving yourself of release (now anyway) does not mean your body is wind up like a tension freak toy all the time you're making love. There are plenty of way you can 'relax' and bring yourself down from the 'point of no return'.

Besides, delaying orgasm also enables you to experience one at a whole new different level. Think about it. Now, you come within just a few minutes of starting sex, right? Well, just imagine the ultimate pleasure of coming, oh, say 5 hours from now? That 's definitely worth aiming for isn't it?

Now, back to the Kama Sutra positions.

How Do You Ensure You Don't Climax Right Away?

Now that you know which positions are best for her and which ones are best for you to reach climax (NOT your goal yet), what should you do? For one you can start intercourse with the other positions first. (That would be fun!) And as you move towards the other more 'tension-filled' ones, remember that it 's all about the amount of tension and friction you guys exercise.

For example, in the Kneeling Position (missionary-type), don't just penetrate your partner. Instead, try this Tantric sex exercise.

  • Ask her to lie on her back and gently coax her legs apart.
  • Ask her if she wants the use of nay lubricant. If you're not hard yet, that 's ok. No pressure, remember?
  • Now, get into the Kneeling Position and slowly start to touch your manhood against her inner thighs. (You can hold your manhood or simply let it drag over her body for now.)
  • After a few 'grazes', you'll probably have a hard on by now. Go over her inner things, belly, and vagina lips again. This time would your erect manhood. (That would be a totally different texture feel for her.)
  • Now, start rubbing your manhood against her opening. Gently.
  • Ask her permission to enter her. Remember, Tantric sex is also a lot about respecting each other 's bodies and wishes.
  • Once you get approval, move in slow gentle circles without penetration for a few minutes. (If you've pre-discussed using a condom, now is the time to put it on.)
  • Place your manhood on her clit and slowly bring it down to her opening.
  • Penetrate her ever so slowly.
  • Proceed with intercourse with very slow strokes.
Once you do this exercise, you will realize that starting slowly and deliberately automatically prevents you from seeking 'instant gratification' in the form of sexual release. While doing this exercise, practice Tantric breathing so that your body is never tense and that all your senses are simply tuned to enjoying each stroke you make.

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