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12 June 2008

New Positions for Better Love Making - Find the Secrets

The ancient practice of Kama Sutra offers some great sex positions that when used correctly can help you and your partner achieve a great sexual experience. It is a good idea when using these positions to communicate with your partner so that you will each know what is working well.

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The Clip position is one of the great positions for both partners. The man will lie on his back and then the woman will get on top and then she leans back. This position works so well because the man can play with her vaginal area and this can help to stimulate the G Spot area. In this position the woman can control her hips and the grinding motion that helps with reaching a climax.

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The position known as the 90 degrees is great for deep penetration. The woman should lie flat on a table and the the man can penetrate her while she wraps her legs around his waist area. The man enjoys being able to penetrate her as deep as possible and the man has easy access to her vaginal and breast areas.

One of the most famous positions is the doggie style were the woman gets down on all 4's and the man will penetrate her from behind. The man has the control with his hips and using his thrusting motion can create a lot of deep penetration. This position is also great for stimulating the G Spot area.

It is great to communicate and explore these positions with your partner so that your loving making stays fresh and exciting.

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