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23 November 2008

Turn Your Partner On With Sexy Lingerie

Gone are the days when women were forced to wear the brutal lingerie called as corset. It was uncomfortable and by no way it gave pleasure of sexy inner wear. The memory of Kate winslet`s mom in Titanic painfully strapping her into one would give anyone a feeling about women`s misery in those times.

However, over the years, women`s inner wear have undergone a complete make over and today lingerie are not restricted to mere inner wear. Lingerie items have become display pieces and women love to flaunt them. Lingerie`s cachet as a sexy, emphatically visible component of a woman`s outfit has contributed to rising popularity. Have a close look at the sales figure of any popular designer lingerie store such as Victoria`s secret and you will be convinced that the category known quaintly as intimate apparel is the top of women`s shopping lists.

What`s the best gift man can give his woman to feel sexy and attractive? Well you guessed it right; it`s a pair of seductive lingerie. When it comes to choosing under garments for their partners, men often get confused. If you are one of them, then this article is just for you. Believe me, with right idea about what you should look for; Shopping for lingerie for that special woman in your life will definitely be a fun experience and most importantly she will love your gift.

The most important thing for men to know is their partners` measurements. You need to know more than just her bust measurement for bra and cup size. If you know her height, weight, waist and hip measurements that`s even better. You need to know your partner`s taste of wearing lingerie; then only she will like your gift. Before you make any choices about lingerie, you need to determine when and how you think she will be wearing the lingerie. Another point where men get confused is while deciding the styles for lingerie. Remember, some designs are suitable as sexy undergarments under a conservative business suit, while others may meant only for the bedroom.

Bra is one of the most fundamental yet difficult items of lingerie to shop for. It comes in different configuration such as full cup, half-cup shelf. Bras also come in different models namely simple cup padded shaping bra, backless, strapless bra, balconette bra.

A balconette bra has wide set straps that appear nearer to the wearer`s arms, rather than in the centre of the chest and women have the choice to wear the bra under outfits with a scoop neck. A strapless bra is particularly useful for outfits where women don`t want any visible straps at all. This bra is useful while wearing strapless gowns. My personal recommendation is Push-up bras but you must know your partner`s dimensions to buy a bra that fits her properly.

The next variety of lingerie is negligee. You can go for the Baby Doll design, which basicalle which is basically a silky plain mini dress that drapes the body and ends at the thighs. The best part; most of these negligees come with G-string or thong underwear!

Teddies are another eye catching form of lingerie. They resemble one-piece, kinky bathing suits, and come in a variety of styles: push-up, high-cut, see-through and G-string. But don`t go for it, if your partner is not over exposing type for this type of lingerie gift might embarrass her.

Hope the tips will come handy for all men to buy perfect lingerie for their partners and if your choice is perfect, then this gift will spice up your romantic life for sure.

Author : Roberto Sedycias
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