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27 November 2008

Female Orgasm Secrets

Women vary a great deal in the time they require to reach an orgasm. There are few women who need just a little clitoral stimulation to reach an orgasm while some may achieve it by mere fantasizing about lovemaking. However, almost all women can reach an orgasm during masturbation. It is also not uncommon to hear of women who have never reached an orgasm. Let us discuss the secrets of female orgasms. We will need to deconstruct the female sexual response to learn about the secrets of female orgasm.

Female sexual response is very similar to male sexual response and has three phases' excitement, plateau, and orgasm. However, female orgasm needs a lot more effort than male orgasm. The secret lies in prolonging the excitement phase. During this phase the blood pressure increases along with the heart rate. It is recommended that the vagina be well lubricated and the clitoris stimulated with the fingers or the tongue.

As the female starts to get excited her labia changes shape and the clitoris gets enlarged, much like an erection, the breasts enlarge and the nipples become hypersensitive and erect, a sign that the female is on her way to a mind blowing orgasm. In the second stage or plateau the outer lips of the vagina continue to swell and the clitoris withdraws under its covering. At this time the female experiences a sex flush and increased muscle tension. At this time the partner must continue stimulating her breasts, clitoris, and the inner part of the vagina as stopping will make the sensation disappear.

The third stage is reaching the climax itself. The secret, all men must know when the female reaches this stage, is ensuring that the female is relaxed and let her soak in all the sensations. The muscles will start contracting and the blood pressure will be at its peak. The uterus and sphincter muscles will start contracting and the female will feel immense pleasure. This is the peak or orgasm and after this the female will enter the last phase, resolution. In this stage the blood pressure drops and the heart rate comes back to normal and you see a glow on the females face. This is the most relaxing moment for women.

Bringing a female to an orgasm is a skill that men must master and a little practice and lots of foreplay will ensure that you satisfy your partner every time you go to bed with her.

Author : Rahul Talwar
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