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14 February 2010

Blog Taman Wangi Interesting Reading Articles

Blog Taman Wangi Interesting Reading Articles

Enjoy articles selected by Blog Taman Wangi from and Blog Taman Wangi. More articles in Malay

Ebook in Malay "Pancutkan Isteri Puaskan Isteri"

(1) Achieving a G Spot Orgasm

Yes you read it correctly, the G-Spot Orgasm, and the secrets behind getting her there. When it comes to pleasuring a female, men don’t exactly have their work cut out for them. Every woman is different. Just because a man can find one females ‘spot’, it doesn’t mean that he will be able to obtain the same reaction from another woman, in that very spot.

(2) Durex Play O Come to Malaysia

Durex Play O help women to archive Orgasm during sex. In a survey 76 percent women that used Durex Play O can reach orgasm or better orgasm. Malaysian can buy Durex Play O in pharmacy like Caring, Watson and Guardian.

(3) The Female Orgasm Explained

Most of us can recall that scene in the movie "When Harry Met Sally" and Meg Ryan is moaning and groaning like a porn-star having an alleged orgasm. In the movie she is obviously faking it. The movie endeavours to show that women have the ability to confuse or mislead their men into believing that they are actually having and orgasm.

(4) Common mistakes made by men during sex

Many men think that sex is instinctive and is something that just happens naturally. But, leaving your woman fully satisfied takes hard work and practise. You have to know what you are doing, or where you are going, for it to be an enjoyable experience for your lucky lady.

(5) How to Have a Chocolate Orgasm

Something like 80% of women would prefer chocolate over sex. Of course, this statistic isn't validated, but it seems very likely doesn't it? In actuality, you can have both chocolate and an orgasm.

(6) The Little Known Secret of Male Multiple Orgasms

We all know that women can multiple orgasms during one act of lovemaking, but did you know that the same goes for men?

(7) Blood Donation Campaign For Malaysians In Internet

Blood Donation Campaign in Facebook is an individual effort to deliver information to people donating blood in Internet. This is necessary to improve public awareness needs to donate blood.

(8) The Benefits of Orgasm

An orgasm is not only a contraction of muscles that feels good, or something that keeps you and your partner close, it is actually a process that can help regulate many functions of your body.

(9) Why Sex is Important To Men

I have a surprise for you, gentlemen: Your wife probably doesn't know how important sex is to you.

Now sure, she knows that it's important. She knows that you (very likely) want more of it than she does. She knows that you sometimes take an attitude when she is less than forthcoming. She also knows that she can use sex as a weapon, denying what she feels is a physical desire of yours.

(10) Get ebook how to make your woman orgasm (this in malay)

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