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Making Money Online
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20 February 2010

Healthy With Sex

Healthy With Sex


Many know the nutritional Tongkat Ali. A herbal plant that has become increasingly popular as an additive in various beverage products. Tongkat Ali taken for one reasonn. Sex. Did you know sex is good for health?

Having sex can burn energy, increase blood circulation, reduce pain, strengthen muscles and prevent depression and you will be seen younger.

With love, benefit of sex will increase by double. Its like men playing golf for twenty minutes and carrying their own bags and for women like twenty minutes of walking or riding a bicycle or can be like playing two games of tennis. That the pictures of exercises or burning energy in the body during sexual intercourse of twenty minutes.

Studies conducted have identified, climax satisfaction achieved by men or women can reduce or eliminate pain. So excuse to avoid sex during headache can not be used. Climax achieved by the women were able to prevent pain in sick (Menstrual pain). Hormone results from climax satisfaction brought many benefits to the human body.

Among them is the process of aging can be slowed from the results of satisfactory sexual intercourse. Increased blood flow makes the skin wrinkle process slower.

There are also studies in the U.S.. women having sex at least once a week will have a permanent and smooth circulation period, lesser fertility problems and menopause process easy and smooth. Comparison was made with women with less or no sexual relationship.

Satisfaction in sex is medicine like tranquilizer to reduce stress. Stress can reduce from hormone secreted after reaching climax.


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