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18 November 2010

The Best Condom Base On Nature Shape

The Best Condom Base On Nature Shape Espire condom is nn innovative condom for an expression of high quality and great pleasure for the man and woman. The innavative beautiful, bold seashell-like curves of Inspiral condom move in a patented, revolutionary spiral technology at its head, creates a "spiral-action" which brings ultimate twisting pleasure for woman. Woman can get orgasm much more faster using Espire condom and with greater pleasure.

Unlike conventional condoms that try to achieve extreme thinness, the Inspiral condoms are designed to be thicker to create extra pleasure. The condoms are laso designed to fit the Asian male size. The folds and ridges of the 'oversized baggy' head of Espire condoms results in greater sensitivity for both males and females during sexsual intercourse.

For Malaysian, Espire Condom can be buy from Seven Eleven.

To give more please, add in Durex Play O during foreplay

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